Monday, February 7, 2011

Web 2.0 tools for inservice – collaborating tool (more for staff then students) – Google Blog page (more for staff then students) – Blog site (teacher can control) – Blog site (teacher can control) – create an online poster – lots of tools to create posters, cards, letters etc – a visual collaboration tool – visual way to lay out words – a wordle in the shape of a picture – create a book online – make any picture “talk” – create your own online person – multiple options include card & picture making, video making – create a video using your pictures and their music – create a video using your pictures and their music – put any number of sites along with instructions or helpful hints - one of my favorites! – online bookmarks (more for the staff then students) (spell with flickr javascript program) – copy info from multiple online sources and keep it all in one place – have copies of files on multiple computers – be able to create a bibliography with multiple sources – voice recorder program for podcasts

iTunes podcasts and iTunes University – professional development (more for staff then students)

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