Wednesday, December 7, 2011

1 to 1 ideas

We are beginning to look at tablets (or laptops, or BYOD, or netbooks, or etc) for our students and the many, many, many aspects that are involved with that. 97 of them to be exact! I am working on completing a 12 page document which has 97 questions involving a 1 to 1 initiative. The first question, and probably the most important, is "why is your school interested in implementing a 1 to 1 initiative at your school". Can you answer that question? If you can answer that one, I have a few more. Is your network ready for 1 to 1? Are you teachers ready for 1 to 1? Is your budget ready for 1 to 1? Alright, 4 down, 93 to go! If anybody has some insights and wants to comment, by all means feel free!

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Chris said...

I can come up with loads of great answers for #1 (dramatic increase in student engagement/implementation of individualized-differentiated education/ access to a plethora of educational apps and opportunities) but I am having difficulty finding positive answers to any of the rest so far : (( Hope you are having more luck!