Monday, February 16, 2009

resources for today

Today's post is going to have a couple of resources which I have found both helpful and cool. I hope you think they are worth taking a look at. Please leave a comment if you have used the tools before or if you have similar ones that you like!
1. Spell with Flickr - This is just a fun site where you can spell any word with pictures from Flickr. If you look at the top of my page you will see my name using the program. Each time you refresh the page, the letters change. Pretty neat!

2. Jog the Web - I think this is a great program. You can create a webquest using just the addresses you want the students to go to. There is a little window which can be viewed on each page where the teacher can give directions or put the assignment for that page. Very neat!

3. Evernote - This tool allows you to cut and copy any part of a webpage (blog, wiki, etc) and keep notes about those pages online so you can view it anywhere. Kind of like delicious with a bonus because you can actually just keep the parts of the sites that are interesting to you.

4. These last tools are just a couple of different sites that are creative common places so you can get pictures and music without worrying about breaking copyright rules!

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